SOK Battery for Electric Vehicle Batteries:


SOK Battery

SOK batteries provide you with more and better batteries with brand new grade A cells and a smarter battery management system (BMS) design. SOK Batteries manufactures and supplies lithium iron phosphate batteries ( LifePO4). Established five years ago by a team of 3 engineers from CALB.SOK has provided their satisfied customer with more than 130,000 pieces of cells and 14,000 sets of battery packs.

 There are many Lithium Iron Phosphate battery suppliers but SOK battery provides you with more and better batteries with brand new grade A cells and a smarter battery Management System (BMS) design.

Absorption voltage of a SOK battery

Throughout the entire charge cycle, you must also check the charger’s output voltages; if they are higher than 14.6 volts, they cannot be used. A 14.4-volt absorption voltage and a 13.6-volt float voltage are ideal. Although the battery isn’t particular about the float voltage, we advise 13.6 for extended longevity. 50A maximum charging current. Recommended voltage for charging: 14.4V–14.6V.

The SOK battery boasts integrated safety features, including overcharge and over-discharge prevention, as well as battery management systems to maximize performance and guard against possible problems.

SOK battery breakthrough:

SOK Battery for Electric Vehicle BatteriesA cutting-edge solution in the field of renewable energy, the SOK 12v battery boasts a longer lifespan and a composition that is more environmentally friendly. Furthermore, because of their high energy density and small design, 12-volt non-lithium batteries have long been the preferred power source for portable gadgets

The voltage of SOK batteries

SOK Battery for Electric Vehicle Batteries

Voltage: 12V, Max Discharge: 100A, Max charge: 50A. Operational Temperature Range: -4 to 140 F (-20 to 60 C).

.The power surge of electric vehicle batteries:

.Simply put, a power surge, also known as transit voltage, is an unplanned spike in voltage. It can harm or even destroy electronic devices in your house if it is powerful enough. Inside the home is where most power surges originate. An electrical system experiencing an abrupt spike in voltage is known as a power surge. When excessive electricity rushes into appliances’ circuits, it can destroy delicate electronic devices and cause damage to homes. The majority of homes are wired for 120-volt power.

The purpose of surge protectors is to stop any voltage spikes that attempt to enter your computer or other electronic device through your power supply. You could also consider the connection between electricity and your computer.

Surge protection protects electronic devices:

One of the main reasons why surge protection is so important is that it prevents electrical surges from damaging electronic devices. These can include anything from small devices like a hair dryer or radio to expensive items like TVs and laptops

Types of surge protection:

  • Surge protective receptacles

  • Strips and plug-in adapters for shielding computers

  • Smartphones, gaming systems, and HDTVs from harmful transients

Energizing the Future of electro vehicle Devices:

The carbon nanotube battery that will be available next year 2023 is the carbon nanotube battery, This battery boasts vertically aligned carbon nanotubes that can boost battery power 10 times compared to other battery packs. Moreover, it has three energy storage and a five times increase in the battery lifecycle.

Solid-state batteries have been widely seen as a potential game charger for electric vehicles promising to reduce charging times increase capacity and reduce the fire risk associated with lithium-ion batteries which use a liquid electrolyte.

The development of solid-state batteries is one of the most exciting advances in EV battery technology. These batteries are safer, more effective, and longer-lasting because they use solid electrolytes rather than liquid or gel-based electrolytes.

Outlook for Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure:

The EV charging infrastructure market will be valued at 6.4 billion in 2023 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 18.5% over the forecast period.

The power infrastructure must be functional and connected to charge an  EV. Because EVCS is connected to the grid and takes the necessary power from it, it poses a significant threat to the reliability and safety of the power.

Threats of new entrants in the EV industry

Starts entering this market have fewer legal barriers and government norms as electric vehicle production has less environmental impact. Also, the demand is high due to various benefits associated with the consumption of electric vehicles. 

A Journey of lead-acid to Lithium-ion Batteries through EV Evolution:

The evolution of energy storage from lead acid to lithium-ion batteries has been a transformation journey, modern technology mainly lithium-ion batteries has paved the way for the development of electric cars the use of renewable energy, and portable devices.

Lithium-ion batteries have a much higher energy density than those providing the same power in much smaller space. if you want to travel the same distance on your EV using LI batteries LA batteries take 8 times less space with lighter weight.

Use of lead-acid battery in EV:

The continuous advancement of lithium-ion battery technology has given electric cars a longer driving range faster acceleration and more horsepower than ever before. And yet most EVs on the road today still carry around a 12V lead acid battery for standby power. Lead acid batteries are cheaper and are easy to install.

Types of Plug for Electric Vehicle:

Four types of plug exist, Two for AC( Type 1 and 2) and two for DC ( CHAdeMo and CCS). Type 1 is common for American vehicles it’s a single-phase plug and can charge at a speed of up to 7.4 kW.

On a general classification, there are three types of EV  charging which are:

  • Level 1 9 Slow charging)
  • Level2 ( Fast charging)
  • Level3( rapid charging0)

. All electric cars in Canada and the US can charge using the plug even Tesla cars as they come with an adapter. 

Best plug to install for EV charging:

Many cheaper home charging stations even if they are less powerful require you to give up that peace of mind.

  • Grizzl -E- Classic
  • Tesla Wall Connector ( for Tesla vehicle)
  • Emporia EV Charger
  • Charge Point Home Flex
  • J+ Booster 2
  • Wall box Pulsar Plus 40A

Improve the EV batteries’ performance for SOK batteries

  1. Minimizing exposure to extremely high temperatures when parked
  2. Minimizing the batteries at 100% state of charge
  3. Avoid using fast charging
  4. Maintain the ideal battery condition for extended storage.

Reduce the EV battery degradation for the SOK battery

6 simple ways to extend your electric car battery lifespan:

  1. Drive slower. Avoid accelerating unnecessarily
  2. Avoid Rapid: Charging When possible
  3. Avoid extreme Temperature
  4. Don’t let your EV’s battery Drain fully
  5. Don’t overcharge the battery
  6. Give your battery A break before charging

The basic concept of EV:

An electric motor that runs exclusively on battery power powers an electric vehicle (EV). (all-electric vehicles) and a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, which is a vehicle that can run both an internal combustion engine and an electric motor powered by a battery.
The future belongs to electric vehicles; in a few years, almost all passenger automobiles will be battery-powered. Many of the innovative and intriguing EVs that are scheduled to launch in the next five years are part of the lineup revamps that automakers around the globe are preparing.


  • There are no emissions when driving (0gC02 per km)
  • less expensive to maintain throughout the car’s life
  • Extremely quiet
  • Outperform petrol-powered cars
  • Battery provides
  • Transport
  • E-commerce
  • Delivery
  • EV Manufacture


  • Finding a charging station EV charging stations are fewer and farther between than gas station
  • Charging takes longer
  • The driving range on full charge
  • Higher initial purchase cost
  • Replacing the batteries is expensive
  • Higher purchase Costs compared to regular automobiles electric vehicles are highly expensive
  • Low speed and range
  • Price on selling
  • Low energy
  • Slow charging
  • Expensive recharging options


Is here universal EV plug?

Commonly, EV charges are universal. All EVs use the same standard pug for level 1 and level 2 charging.

How long will a SOK battery last?

SOK battery can provide 4000 to 8000 cycles longer lifetime of over 10 years.

Which battery is better for electric vehicle?

A lithium-ion battery is a type of rechargeable battery used in electric vehicles and has a number of important electrons.

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